Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 4th March, Saphil House

J Bell welcomed all    Meeting opened 7.00 pm

Committee attendees: J Bell, J Bodnar, L Welden, R Gooding, C Thomas, D Figg,

Apologies: P Edwards, G Turner, Web Masters J Y Trinidad. R Halliday, D Edwards, P Sunman,

Minutes accepted,

Correspondence: Out

·        minutes

·        Bank statement

·        Website update information

Correspondence: In

·        Letter from Phil Sunman (all committee meeting matters to be kept to committee meetings only)

·        Emails from P Edwards

Financial: $459.62 as at 28th feb

·        2 cheques to be presented

·        Public liability insurance paid and rent paid to end of June

·        Do we include library in insurance

·        Monies raised at last meeting

o       Auction $18.95. raffle $24.00, supper $7.30

Business arising from correspondence

·        J Bell to talk to D Edwards re letter from P Sunman

·        Mentioned P E queries re website on

o       Having a return to home page button on each page

o       Also front page info re contact is doubled up

o       Committee decided to leave as is for time being

Business arising

·        Metro postcard link to website – Pauline Edwards to sent out email

·        LW to email to max fatchen re article from advertiser and for articles in bulletin (still to do)

·        Website managers – thanks to Jeff and Yvette for their efforts. D Figg mentioned cost to maintain website and mentioned that we will be receiving an invoice for this. All agreed to well worth the cost.


·        No. 4 has been hand delivered, posted and sent to J T for website update

·        D Figg paid entry fee for Literature entry into Stampex ( our bulletin)

·        LW to pass onto info re publishers, processing etc.

Any other Business

·        J Bodnar had the Betty Cornish Trophy, all delighted with the trophy and our thanks go to John for donating trophy and cash prize for the competition

o       Moved B Gooding 2nd D Figg appreciation to J B

·        C Thomas asked re doing baskets with eggs for March meeting as raffle prizes – all agreed

·        Phil to look at link with Tasmanian dealer mentioned at nov meeting

·        J Bell donated $30.00 worth of stamps for postage to club

·        Ask the Trinidads to put link on APS website to Stampex

·        Australasian postcard challenge for future events

·        CBO – we have 3 circuit books in system, after 2 APS meetings put back into general system, C Thomas needs sheets and will then pass onto CBO (approx 200)

·        Print off postcard judging rules from APF webs

·        July club competition – upto 8 sheets, popular vote.

·        Arthur Bergen trophy – suggested name for trophy “Empire Trophy” ask if AB happy with title ( J Bell to ask)

·        Move A Bergen completion to July – D Figg has agreed to put on his “One out of the Box”

·        Library catalogue done. Send to J T and have request for Postcard Monthly’s that we do not have put onto the website. If any members do have we would consider buying or if willing to be donated to club.

·        Next committee meeting JB and DF both apologies

·        LW suggested donating the main prize for best postcard entry at Stampex, agreed

Meeting closed 8.10 pm




 May 6th, 1st July, 2nd Sept, 4th Nov, 6th Jan


Open and welcome



General Business

1.      Financial - library insurance

2.      Website update

3.      Magazine

4.      AGM

5.      Australasian postcard challenge

6.      Stampex

7.      Library

Any other business