Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 3rd March, 2011 Saphil House

J Bell welcomed all    Meeting opened 7.00 pm

Committee attendees: J Bell, J Bodnar, L Welden, C Thomas, P Edwards, D Figg, D Edwards, R Halliday   

Apologies: G Turner, Web Masters J Y Trinidad.

Correspondence: Out

·         Website update information

·         Minutes

Correspondence: In

·                     National Stamp Show in WA

·                     AAPSOC magazines donated to the club library by Bob Gooding

·                     Resignation from B Gooding

·                     Phone call re donation of postcards

move D Figg, 2nd R Halliday   

Financial: $784.81 as at 3/3/11

·         Outgoing – float to J Roland for Exhibition in maymoved D Figg 2nd R Halliday

·         Cartridges for printer, Rent for SAPHIL, J Constansis (for 2000 postcards) and Qld flood appeal

·         D Figg to email C Woolley re membership

·         Books to A Kovaloff for auditing end of march


·         Committee Minutes

·         Email addresses still to be amended on a couple of the pages to reflect my email address (

·         Scan of postcard for exhibition  should be done by the end of the week

·         new pass word required for all members 1st August


·         Bulletin No 8 delivered at feb meeting

·         Still to email members re available on website

·         Bulleting No 9 to be available for exhibition in may

·         Also have available back orders for sale at exhibition

·         Suggestion from Lorenzo about putting addresses of upcoming fairs etc with the address (ie PSPH fair)

·         Create “letter to the Editor” section re response to articles

·         Latest IPM catalogue for 2011 out  now, good reference for price guides on cards

·         Memberships fees, local to stay at $18.00, overseas to be lifted to $25.00 (assist with coverage of postage of bulletin ) moved D Figg 2nd D Edwards

·         Postage required for magazine

Postcard Fair

·         Paperwork signed off and sent back to Tom Parker confirming date of Postcard Fair to be held at the Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Grounds, Adelaide  Saturday May 14 & Sunday 15 May

o   Opening times – Saturday 10.00 – 5.00 pm, Sunday 10.00 – 4.00 pm

o   Set up from 10.00 am Friday – inform G Turner for frames and K Tarling, set up postcards Saturday 8.00 am

·         Displays based on South Australian themes

o   R Halliday - Murray Bridge, P Edwards - North terrace, M Roland - Mt Gambier, T Presgrave  - Murray Bridge & Bridges, M Walker – Gawler & Grand Prix, N Solly – Encounter Bay, R Ritter – Port Adelaide, N Yelland – KI, Jetties & paddle steamers, J Duif – Port Pirie, R Garlick – Broken Hill, J Bell – Yorke Peninsular

·         Financial costs

o   Petrol G Turner for frame pick up and delivery

o   Table hire ( D Edwards to contact K Tarling re dates and ask for 20 tables )

o   Float to J Roland re catering of $200.00

o   Floats required for Catering, club table, and auction

·         Auction

o   To be held on the Saturday at 2.00 pm viewing to be from 10.00 am

o   Set up roster system for security  3 – 4 members

o   Commission 10% members, 15% nonmembers

o   Lots pre numbered upto 570

o   All lots to be delivered by the 1st May to L Welden or to be collected at the April Meeting

o   D Figg auctioneer, assistants G Turner, L Welden (computer)Dot system to be used

o   P Siggs to be asked to help at auction – has agreed to assist

o   4 prototype postcards to be used in auction

o   100 Zeiher cards overprinted

·         Opening at 11.00 am on the saturday

o   J Bell still to hear from P Goers re opening

o   If P Goers unavailable P Sunman to do

·         Frame pickups

o   G Turner will pick up 30 frames on  Thursday 12th and return on Monday 16th

·         Dealers

o   David Figg 2, Dave Edwards 2, Allen Downes 1, MPN stamps 3, L Russell 4, R Thompson 2, H Benwell 1, the club 1

·         Catering

o   Jenny Rowland organize the canteen and will need assistance

·         Publicity

o   SAPC news, local clubs, and

o   Our APS website, and the SA History website (D Figg to organise)

o   Whats on – 4 ads 2 weekends D Figg to do ad weekend

·         Promotional item

o   100 plain Zeiher cards to be overprinted with a new picture of the Drill Hall - complete

Any other Business

·         Year to be included in date on top of minutes

·         Reminder and membership renewal forms to go out in the May issue of the bulletin

·         Due to cancellation of memberships as of 1st August 2011 we will have a new password for our website closed area and to be updated every year

·         The new password will go out via the bulletin to current members and via email to those that don’t get a  hard copy

·         Library update with missing issues postcard monthly – a few have been located and some more donations, to buy as back order 50+ required leave til after exhibition to look into again

·         A Greaves lots for next auction – slightly risqué ok for auction yes

·         3 – 4 boxes of postcards modern, suggested by C Thomas to sell on ebay ok given

·         300 +Auction lots donated for next postal auction available for may and do in black

·         D Figg working for next 3 weeks and will check emails etc at night

·         Picture postcard challenge in WA in 2012 may 17-20 refer to letter committee agreed to participate (440.00 per frame) 2 x + 2 x 1 = 12 frames per state

·         L Welden to let D Pocock know of acceptance

·         Can we get article from D L John re how why and when etc he got started with his Zeppelin exhibit as article for magazine

·         Gallipoli 2015 anniversary to go on agenda for next meeting

·         D Edwards asking about Postcards donated by A Semmler – L W will check out cupboard but believe it is only SAPC cards in cupboard

·         D Edwards ask re A Bergen printer when unable to do due to sight, already other people doing overprinting use normal printers ie last 2 postcards overprinted by B Gooding

·         May meeting L Welden to fill spot

Meeting closed 8.45 pm





5th May, 7th July, 1st Sept and 10th Nov.



Open and welcome




Website update


Postcard Fair

Gallipoli anniversary

Any other business