Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 4th September, Philicia Antiques

J Bell welcomed all    Meeting opened 6.45 pm

New committee: P Sunman, J Bell, J Bodnar, D Figg, L Welden, R Halliday, R Gooding, D & P Edwards, C Thomas, G Turner, Auditor A Kovaloff, Web Masters J Y Trinidad.

Minutes accepted, moved D Figg all accepted

Apologies – B Gooding

Correspondence: Out

·        Membership fees receipts

·        minutes

·        Bank statement

·        Website update information

Correspondence: In

·        Maxi cards – from Australia post 8 packs

·        New membership forms

·        WA Topics

·        Financial statement

·        Advertising quotes from Trinidads

·        Email D Pocock re WA Postcard club and affiliation with WA philatelic council

Moved J Bodnar 2nd R Halliday

Business arising from previous minutes

·        Moved that members on email who still want copy to notify editors of request, P Edwards to email those on list and ask who wants hard copy

Moved R Halliday 2nd P Sunman

Business arising from correspondence

·        Maxi cards, 2 of duplicated packets to be kept for raffle other 6 packets to be put up for auction at half face value, C Thomas to organise for auction.

·        Advertising on website for twelve months.

o       Full page @ $500.00

o       Triple blocks @ $175.00

o       Double blocks @ $ 125.00

o       Single block @ $65.00

o       Moved D Figg 2nd C Thomas

·        L Welden to contact J Trinidad re actual sizes

·        All 4 sizes to be promoted on the website

·        Advert to be provided by person wanting to advertise on the website

·        P Sunman to send his advert to D Figg then pass onto Webmaster  

Financial Report:

·        Bank statement as of 4 august $1234.69

·        Outstanding cheque – Turners book $16.00 ( D Figg) Raffle books $25.00

·        Invoice Abracardabra $10.00. P Sunman $30.00 for ads in Bulletin No 2

·        Moved D Figg 2nd R Halliday


·        Note to be put under our postcard product

o       The postcard produced for the inaugural meeting of The Australian Postcard Society was the only official postcard provided by
The Australian Postcard Society

·        Research Articles can be taken from bulletin and put in the Research tab

o       Article from Bulletin 2 by bronte watts to be placed into Research tab

·        Change Newsletter tab to Meeting Report

·        Address in bulletin for website to be changed. (P Edwards fixed)


·        New programme to be placed into next bulletin (L Welden to supply)

·        Supplementary sheet of our first Postal Auction to be submitted by C Thomas

·        J Bodnar to supply P Edwards with information on  B Cornish trophy. 6 pages on Childhood themes on postcards, to be held at our April Meeting, Publish event in November Bulletin so that interstate members can either email or send in entries for the April meeting. J Bodnar to organise trophy etc

·        Postcard competition to be promoted in march bulletin for July meeting

Any Other Business:

·        D Figg apology next meeting

·        Phil Sunman – postal auction as per WA/NSW.

o       Phil offered to donate lots for 1st auction all monies raised to go to club

o       Place auction on both website (members only) and in bulletin (open to all)

o       C Thomas offered to organise 1st auction

o       Committee members only lots for first auction to Claire by Sept meeting

o       Title to be POSTAL BID AUCTION NO. 1

o       With terms and conditions to be placed on sheet, + lots donated by committee members to assist with raising of funds.

o       2 months for auction closing date January meeting date.

o       Next auction open to all members to be ready by May bulletin?

·        Spread sheet required for website re members collecting interest L Welden to do email send out to members with date for response yes or no

·        Raffles at meetings – limit of 5 or 6 prizes at each meeting

·        R Gooding promotes club on ebay through his sales

·        Research notes at meeting – L W to start with dates relevant to postcards

·        Name tags to be left at saphil

·        Need next programme available for nov meeting

·        A Bergen popular vote trophy for club competition

·        Can we do a postcard book for the CBO Office – J Bell to talk to Klaus, our club to have 1st priority of looking at book, members donate cards either for club funds or own results

Programme for 2010

·        All members area of programme

·        Themes for the night based on topic and what ever members bring along

·        JAN                  sport (tennis, Cricket, Yacht racing etc)

·        FEB                  romance (Valentines day)

·        MARCH            Transport ( motor, planes, bike etc)

·        APRIL               the Anzacs

·        MAY                 Fauna ( animal life)

·        JUNE                Royalty (Queens birthday etc)

·        JULY                 Fraternal Groups ( boy scouts, red cross service clubs)

·        AUGUST           Flora (daffodil day (cancer))

·        SEPTEMBER     Football (AFL finals etc)

·        OCTOBER        comic ( a good laugh on postcards)

·        NOV                 Melbourne cup ( equine)

·        DEC                 no meeting


·        Members invited display up to 5 frames of displays

·        JAN                 

·        FEB                 

·        MARCH           

·        APRIL -             Betty  Cornish  Memorial Trophy       

·        MAY                

·        JUNE   

·        JULY -              AGM and postcard competition         

·        AUGUST          

·        SEPTEMBER    

·        OCTOBER-       popular vote competition        A Bergen trophy

·        NOV -              super Auction             

·        DEC                 no meeting

·        Suggested people to contact for displays, J Ingleton, J Duif, N Solly, L Giardello, T Presgrace, M Walker, M Blake, J & M Roland, I Hamilton, B Bartsch, L Parsons


Meeting closed 9.00 pm



September 3rd.  2009, November 5th.  2009,

 January 7th 2010, March 4th 2010 and May 6th 2010

Open and welcome



General Business

1.      Financial

2.      Website update

3.      Magazine

Any other business