Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 5th Jan, 2012. Saphil house

J Bell welcomed all    Meeting opened 7.00 pm

Committee attendees: J Bel,l L Welden, C Thomas, D Figg, R Halliday J Bodnar, P Sunman  

Apologies: G Turner, Web Masters, J Y Trinidad, D Edwards, P Edwards,

Minutes: moved D Figg, 2nd R Halliday

Business arising: PSSA boards we can put extra strips onto boards on the front, but need to do at Saphil, need to have D Edwards bring in the strips he has at home. D Figg to talk to D Edwards to confirm, need to organise working bee at Saphil to do

Correspondence: Out

·       Website update information

·       Minutes

·       Emails re fair

Correspondence: In

·       Emails re fair

·       Membership renewals

·       Email Dennis Piller re Halloween cards – Phil to contact

·       Marcel Saffir email re swap list – send membership form and mention free advertising

·       PPM x 2


·       Balance $1455.57 as at 30/11/11 + 4 outstanding cheques

·       Affiliation and insurance allow $2000.00 for library for inclusion with SAPC insurance

·       Moved D Figg 2nd R Halliday


·       No additional update this month


·       Editors apology for this meeting no updates

Postcard Fair

·       History SA doing history month again at the same time, D Figg to update by Feb

·       Contact Leigh McKlusky  opening next exhibition Claire to contact still waiting for reply

o   Raffle to be held on the Saturday,

·       Opening times 10 – 5 Saturday, 10 – 4 Sunday

·       Auction on the Saturday – pre numbered lots will be available (last year 870 lots)

·       Raffle to be organised – Glenn Thomas to be raffle seller

o   Philicia antiques to donate 3 prizes to the value of $200.00 (1 x $100.00 and 2 x $50.00) and to be prizes 1 – 3.

o   Place sign on the outside of the door in regards to raffles tickets $1.00 each

·       Ask people if supply historical themes, Neville Solly, Bob Newbold, David John, Martin Walker

·       Agreed Janet Ingleton, T Presgrave, Phil Sunman, B Halliday, John Bodnar, J Bell – 60 sides available

·       Jeff Yvette goldfields email LW ask Jeff

·       2012 titanic anniversary – phil to do display

·       Advertise philatelic as well as postcard dealers at show

·       Dealers MPN stamps, D Figg, L Welden, C Thomas, A Downes, D Edwards

·       Ask  Mike Kovaleff, contact B Newman (numismatics) if society would like tables, also C Cimarosti and martin walker

·       Do up sandwich boards

·       Ask G Turner re banner advertising

·       Tables from Saphil cost of $5.00 each to hire

·       A4 & A5 flyers, include coins if Barry Newman accepts

·       Catering – ask J Roland if available

Any other Business

·       Andy Kovaleff – wine and choc –Phil to donate both

·       Ron Blum – published book on Rose Series for sale $55.00 thru Phil, club willing to take on sales of book take selling book

o   Do add in bulletin promoting $55.00 cost of book

o   Club to buy book for library at cost of $45.00

o   D Figg to do review for bulletin

o   Cd available as well

·       Phil has obtained original plate glass negatives on south Australia from David Scholes (1905-06) with description on

·       Claire doing stocktake on aps postcard and selling on ebay, stiffener promotes the clubs website

·       Phil to see if one suitable for souvenir for fair

Meeting closed 8.40pm





April 5th, Saphil House 7.15 pm

July 5th, October 4th and January 3rd, 2013


Open and welcome





Website update


Postcard Fair 2012

Gallipoli anniversary on hold

Any other business