Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 6th January, Saphil House

J Bell welcomed all    Meeting opened 7.05 pm

Committee attendees: J Bell, J Bodnar, L Welden, R Gooding, C Thomas, P Edwards, D Figg, D Edwards, R Halliday   

Apologies: G Turner, Web Masters J Y Trinidad. P Sunman

Correspondence: Out

    ·         Website update information

    ·         Minutes

Correspondence: In

·                     As per Decembers meeting

Financial: $1,873.16 as at 31/12/10

·         after deposits approx. $2000.00

·         new set of cartridges needed soon ($730.00 approx)


·         Committee Minutes

·         library – missing issues of postcard monthly,

·         flyer for postcard fair

·         new pass word required for all members 1st August


·         Bulletin available for feb meeting

·         Last instalment of Battle of Jutland from John Bell

·         P Edwards been in touch with State Library re issues of bulletin – issues to be sent to library then they will confirm if they need

·         P Edwards also enquired about using the word National in our postcard comp, no real standards set, so should be okay

·         P Edwards received phone call from P Goers office re talking on about postcards

·         P Edwards received email with item for magazine

Any other Business

·         7 new financial members for the year 2010/11

·         7 unfinancial members from our original listing of 2009/10

·         Reminder and membership renewal forms to go out in the May issue of the bulletin

·         Due to cancellation of memberships as of 1st August 2011 we will have a new password for our website closed area and to be updated every year

·         The new password will go out via the bulletin to current members and via email to those that don’t get a  hard copy

·         D Figg to see G Turner re roof auction payments

·         Auction sheets

o   If members use NCR forms 10% commission

o   If members use hand written 15% commission

o   Non-members if hand written and not readable 20% commission otherwise will be 15% commission (committees discretion)

o   NCR forms available at 10cents each (the club purchased 1000 for use by members)

o   Takes effect as of 1st July 2011 – notice to go into the bulletin and to be available at the meeting

·         At the APF exec meeting in WA D Figg was appointed Convenor of the Postcard class Australia wide, the aim is to bring postcards on line with other classes at exhibitions

o   At the AGM in Adelaide the topic was raised at the State council Forum

·         Library update with missing issues postcard monthly

·         Auction lots needed for next postal auction

·         J Bodnar apology for next meeting

·         Postcard competition – deadline febs meting

o   P Edwards to do sample and talk about at next meeting

Postcard Fair

·         Confirmation of Postcard Fair to be held at the Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Grounds, Adelaide  Saturday May 14 & Sunday 15 May

·         Opening times –

o    Saturday 10.00 – 5.00 pm, Sunday 10.00 – 4.00 pm

·         Displays based on South Australian themes

o   Robert Halliday and Murray Bridge

o   Pauline Edwards and North terrace

o   Michel Roland and Mt Gambier (to be asked)

·         Financial costs

o   Petrol G Turner for frame pick up and delivery

o   Power at the hall

o   Cleaning at the hall

o   Table hire ( D Edwards to contact K Tarling re dates )

o   Table costs $30.00 per table for the 2 days

o   Moved D Figg and 2nd R Halliday

·         Auction

o   To be held on the Saturday at 2.00 pm viewing to be from 10.00 am

o   Use Perspex sheets for security on the postcards

o   Commission 10% members, 15% nonmembers

o   Lots to have reserve price only

o   All lots to be delivered by the 1st May to L Welden or to be collected at the April Meeting

o   No lots accepted on the day

o   NCR sheets available from the club for writing up of auction lots

o   There will not be a super auction at the May meeting

·         Frame pickups

o   G Turner will pick up frames on  Thursday 12th and return on Monday 16th

·         Dealers

o   David Figg and Bob Gooding 2 tables confirmed

o   Dave Edwards 1 confirmed

o   Allen Downes 1 confirmed

o   MPN stamps asked

o   Phil to be asked

o   Bring up at the meeting Thursday week if any other club members would like a table

·         Catering

o   Contact Jenny Rowland and see if she is interested in running the canteen

·         Publicity

o   SAPC news, local clubs, and

o   Our APS website, and the SA History website (D Figg to organise)

o   Whats on – 4 ads 2 weekends D Figg to organise closer to weekend

·         Promotional item

o   100 plain Zeiher cards to be overprinted with a new picture of the Drill Hall

o   To have the Drill Hall address on the bottom of card

o   “Inaugural Fair” Australian Postcard Society, 14-15th May 2011 across the top

o   B Gooding to do, when complete scan to be sent for Website update

Meeting closed 8.35 pm





3RD March, 5th May, 7th June, 8th Sept and 10th Nov


Open and welcome




Website update


Postcard Fair

Any other business