Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 6th May, Saphil House

J Bodnar welcomed all    Meeting opened 6.15 pm

Committee attendees: J Bodnar, L Welden, R Gooding, C Thomas, R Halliday, P Sunman,

Apologies: P Edwards, G Turner, Web Masters J Y Trinidad. J Bell, D Figg, D Edwards, Minutes accepted,

Correspondence: Out

·        minutes

·        Bank statement

·        Website update information

Correspondence: In

·                    Postcard completion from Derek pocock

Financial: $635.07 as at 6/5/10

Business arising from correspondence

·        NIL

Business arising

·        APS donated prize to Stampex, P Sunman to supply $150.00 voucher as prize (do a receipt when D F returns) prize can be taken via mail order

·        J Bodnar vote of thanks to Phil for his generosity


·        No. 5 in process

·        Phil has requested some copies of bulletin for his shop – do 2 each of previous bulletins in colour for phil. He will write copy only on to them.

Any other Business

·        Australasian postcard challenge for future events

·        Email D John re membership of postcard society

·        Stampex - nearly 50 frames of postcards

·        Auctions – if only one bid received to be sold at reserve price if 2 or more bids received then goes to highest bidder

·        Can we use any of the apf postcards for promotion of the APS B Gooding to ask at exec

·        Investigate whether stamp that D Figg has is okay to use or do we make a simpler and slightly larger on

·        Selling postcards at meetings those selling publicise their selling at meetings

·        P Sunman to do 5 minutes of talk on postcards printing types, producers etc, first talk on chromolitho

·        John Fawcett, 2 phils court, Fulham gardens, 0419811140 via Peter Roberts re printing could be possible workshop topic

Meeting closed 7.10 pm


1ST THURSDAY of the ODD MONTHS.  6.30 start.

 1st July, 2nd Sept, 4th Nov, 6th Jan


Open and welcome



General Business

1.      Financial

2.      Website update

3.      Magazine

4.      AGM

5.      Australasian postcard challenge

6.      Stampex

Any other business