Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 6th  Oct, 2011. Saphil house

J Bell welcomed all    Meeting opened 7.15 pm

Committee attendees: J Bell L Welden, C Thomas, P Edwards, D Figg, D Edwards, R Halliday   

Apologies: G Turner, Web Masters J Y Trinidad, J Bodnar, , P Sunman,

Minutes: moved D Figg, 2nd R Halliday

Correspondence: Out

·         Website update information

·         Minutes

Correspondence: Out

·         PSWA Challenge update

·         Membership renewals

·         National postcard week postcard reply from USA

Correspondence: In

·         PPM x 3

·         Phoenix auctions

·         PPM annual x 2


·         Balance $963.82 as at 30/09/11 + $221.00 approx to be deposited

·         Affiliation and insurance allow $2000.00 for library for inclusion with SAPC insurance

·         Moved D Figg 2nd A Downes

·         back issues of PPM 176 missing supplied 139 4584.39 @ 44.25 each

·         Books audited by A Kovalefff to the end of 30/06/10 –gift of wine and chocolates as thanks, P Sunman donate wine, give to andy with next books

·         Exhibition etsa  $120.43

·         Membership 7 single 1 family to come

·         25 unserviced, 10 serviced postcards left from exhibition


·         Confirmation of new pass word for web page

·         Remove olly poole from front page

·         Exhibition dates from programme to go on the front page.


·         Bulletin No 11  in progress

·         Notification of exhibition may next year flyer sent out to all

Postcard Fair

·         History SA doing history month again at the same time, piggy back re advertising

·         Contact leigh Mcklusky  opening next exhibition Claire to contact

·         Raffle to be held onthe saturday

o   Dates 10 – 5 Saturday, 10 – 4 Sunday

·         Ask people if supply historical themes, Neville Solly, bob newbold, janet Ingleton etc

·         Jeff Yvette goldfields can we use in exhibition next year

·         2012 titanic anniversary

·         Advertise philatelic as well as postcard dealers at show

·         Dealers MPN stamps, Mike Kovaleff, A Bayliss, Tony Shields, Michael eastick

Any other Business

·         Postal auction up to 400 lots

·         Used PSSA Boards ,asked J Bell to pass onto PSSA re

·         Canberra exhibition next year the APS will hold a meeting on the Sunday at 3.00pm

o   Take some displays to put up and discuss

·         Postcard challenge for perth waiting for D John and entry

·         Committee meeting change venue from Philicia to Saphil – D Figg to bring up at exec re use of Saphil as an alternative to philicia if phil unavailable,
has been done and moved that any club that meets at Saphil has the use of 4 free committee meetings if required at Saphil a year

·         G Thomas to talk to Terry Castle re producer of postcards and article an or talk at meeting

·         Postal auction to be open to all moved LW 2nd CT  Webmaster to give free access to all, use claires email address as well on

Meeting closed 8.30pm




5th January, Saphil house 7.15 pm

April 5th, Saphil House 7.15 pm


Open and welcome




Website update


Postcard Fair 2012

Gallipoli anniversary on hold

Any other business