Australian Postcard Society

AGM Meeting held 22nd July, Saphil House

J Bell welcomed all Meeting opened 7.50 pm

Apologies M Walker, Y Jettner, P Deery, Bronte watts, Val Watts, Hilda and Gunther Malzahn


         Postcard monthly July edition

         Picture postcard values 2010-07-22

         a maritime history of Southampton (donated by david figg)

         AGM position nominations

         Membership forms

         Update website with new bulletin

         New member Ken Schurgott

Elections: - J Bell as President read out the nominations for

           V President J Bodnar

      Treasurer D Figg

         Committee members

         P Edwards magazine editor

         G Turner - Auction Superintendent

         D Edwards committee member

         All elected unopposed

         Andy Kovaloff nominated as auditor

         Moved David Figg 2nd B Halliday


         Presidents pleased at the success of the club since formation 15 months ago, thanks to all on the committee for their help and assistance, thanks to Pauline and David Edwards for the quality of the bulletin and the effort that they have put into producing the bulletin every three months and finally to all the members who have brought along either postcards for the members displays as well as all the members who have put on exhibits. My thanks go to John Bodnar and Arthur Bergen for donating trophies and congratulations to the winners David Figg the Betty Cornish trophy and the winner tonight of the Empire Trophy

         Treasurer - Balance as at 22/7/10 as at this meeting $232.26

         All accounts paid upto June 2011

Meeting closed 8.05 pm