Australian Postcard Society

Meeting held 28th April, Saphil House

J Bell welcomed all Meeting opened 7.45pm

Apologies: V Watts, the Newbold’s, M & J Roland

Visitors: J Allen


  • Emails
    • 2 postcard monthly issue 384 & 5
    • Australian Cartophilic mag
    • Rex and fair auctions
    • About time sa history mag
    • Postal bid auctions
    • Request for port sorrel postcards of Tasmania
    • Payments for postcards from exhibition

Financial: - Balance as at 31/03/11 = $832.47

    • Postcard monthly and annual etc paid for next 12 months

General business:

  • National postcard weeks 2 postcard designs received $2.00 unserviced $3.00 serviced
  • M Walker Geelong 1 frame national exhibition
  • M Walker Canberra 2012 one frame exhibition with postcards
  • Request from Canberra re having a postcard meeting at exhibition, as well as donating prize etc (to be discussed at committee meeting)
  • Next committee meeting to be held at Saphil due to exhibition in 1 weeks times
  • J Bodnar discovering interesting facts from old postcard monthly’s
  • Interested in finding out about the S A Postcard Club. P Sunman said Bob Sinclair started club in late 70’.  amalgamated with PSPH now again a separate club
  • C Thomas – thanks for postal auction bids, club made $23.00 + from commission as well as lots in postal auction
  • J Ingleton – 4 pages from 2011 collectors magazine
  • D Figg – Hobart A5 flyer re exhibition about 20 frames of the 80 to go for postcards
  • Hobart is a 15 sheet exhibit
  • P Sunman – mentioned 4 yrs to anniv of Gallipoli
  • Burra fair this weekend
  • Display in June changed to Steam Ship Yongala

Members display – North America

Main display April 28thBetty Cornish trophy – 6 pages on nursery or childhood themes won by Janet Ingleton with other entries by P Edwards and J Bodnar

Meeting closed 9.30 pm



Open and welcome 




General Business / Items of interest


Auction Tea/ Coffee donation/Raffle

Meeting closed